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03.12.2006, 23:30

Hi, i hope you can answer me in english!
Is it possible to set up a user group who, when he signs up in the frontend, can edit and add new content, without login in the admin panel?
04.12.2006, 11:39

Yes, it is possible. you just need to choose the option to delegate him - whether it is to change the content only, or the templates, design sets, etc.
04.12.2006, 14:37

Hi Emil,
thanks for the answer - but could you be more precise, please
Where exactly do i have to set the rights for users who can edit content on the frontend without login through the admin panel?
And how do i setup a login form in the frontend, where spezial users can signup and edit or add content, imadiately?

Thank you,
04.12.2006, 21:51

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Management - Users and permissions - New user

Group - Внешние пользователи

add a new user to this group and that's it. but you won't be able to customize the log in window - it is unique for all users.
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